Women's Sports Bra Full Cup Padded Vest Wide strap High Impact Support Tank Top Gotoly Fitness - 70BEEMME6

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  • Studies show that a woman runs 1 miles and the breasts shake for about 135 meters.A woman's deep fascia&fibrous septachest may be hurt by the violent swinging of the chest and even causing permanent damage to the chest.What's more,it will cause the chest sagging.Gotoly sports bra inherited the structure and characteristics of the bra, and to improve, to tighten the chest to fix.It will care chest and greatly reducing sports injuries.

  • Gotoly sports bra--Using high quality materials (nylon, spandex, cotton) - durable, comfortable, sweat absorption, keep dry, good elasticity and so on, suitable for all kinds of impact, high impact sports. Both yoga and gymnastics, aerobic dance, aerobics, gym and other indoor sports, walking, jogging, tennis, badminton, swimming, cycling, water polo, beach volleyball and other outdoor activities are the best choice.

  • Nylon Cotton Spandex

  • Slim

  • Fitness--Reduce the pressure on the chest concussion, using the elastic fabrics to achieve the purpose of fixing the chest,depending on human engineering, considering the shape and structure of the breast, with shoulder and back stress position.It wIll get a good fixed while still maintaining comfort, natural excellent, ease the movement of female breast the hurt. After the exercise of some breast enhancement products or enhance the skin elasticity of the product will be better.

  • GOTOLY sports bra (Sports vest) --Wireless Underwear has excellent comfort and it is the best choice for women.GOTOLY sports bra use elastic tightening fixed, so large busts girls can also get good results. The position of the breast filled with a coaster, so that the chest to get better support, makes the chest more compact and beautify the body.

  • ***Hand Wash, Hang Dry to Maintain Shape & Elasticity.***About This Product:In order for you to have a better customer experience, please carefully look at the "bottom" or "left" color and size table!we offer: 3 size:M:30A,30B,30C,30D,32A,32B,32C,32D,34A,34B/L:34C,34D,36A,36B,36C,36D/ XL:38A,38B,38C,38D,40A,40B,40C. 5 colors:Black/Purple/White/Grey/Blue......

  • Women's Sports Bra Full Cup Padded Vest Wide strap High Impact Support Tank Top Gotoly Fitness - 70BEEMME6